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Interlibrary Loan & Purchase Requests

Ordering Books and Materials From Other Libraries:

Are you looking for a title we don't carry? We can order books and other materials that we don't own from other libraries in New Hampshire! If the other library is willing to lend, we will have it delivered here at no cost to you.

First, check the Durham Public Library Catalog to confirm that we don't own the item. To access the Durham Public Library Catalog, click here. You can place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request one of 3 ways

  1. Fill out an ILL form at the circulation desk, with the title, author, your name, and phone number/email or fill out the form below.  
  2. Call the library at 868-6699 and we will take your request over the phone.      
  3. Request the title yourself from the NHU PAC statewide catalog. You will need the same information you use to sign in to your library account at DPL which includes your barcode and password. 

Instructions for the NEW Patron Initiated ILL Requests

  1. Login on the top right of the NHAIS ILL System page (link below).
  2. Select Durham Public from the drop-down list and enter your barcode and password below it.
  3. On the top left, click on "Patron Initiated Requests" and begin your request by searching in the large search bar at the top of the page! 
  4. All of your ILL requests will continue to be processed and picked up at Durham Public Library. 

Ready to request an ILL online? Visit NHU PAC HERE or fill out the form below! Questions? Call the library at 868-6699 anytime!

Request A Book Through Interlibrary Loan

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Is There A Book We Should Consider Purchasing?

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